Attaining Yoga or Union:

Attaining Yoga or Union:
Yoga or "Union" is attained by first training, balancing, and purifying each of the aspects of our being individually, and then systematically receding attention inward through those levels, expanding so as to experience the state of Union, Yoga, Samadhi, or Turiya.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Witnessing and the Self

QUESTION: I would like to ask you a clarifying question regarding witnessing. Is the world of objects, experienced through the senses, a projection of the Self within? In another words, is what is seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted a projection from the Self? A projection that goes through the various layers of ones being, is tinted by those layers, and flows outward through the senses. And when this projection flows outward, for example I look and see a tree, this projection stirs some memories in Chitta and then the Self get all caught up with the memories brought on by the projection of the tree. As a result does the Self get all caught up with it own projections? However, when witnessing, is the Self stepping back and witnessing both the objects of the world and the thoughts that arise from Chitta? Is this what is happening when I look at the world around me and at the same time witness the thoughts flowing through the mind?

PARTIAL RESPONSE: There are two aspects to this, of which one is more important than the other. First, the projection outward. Technically true, but can sound like so much wordy philosophy. Leaves one bewiledered about how "I" made all this mess. The other part is systematically stepping back inward. That is the sadhana that reveals the process, and which eventually reveals the Self. Then it makes sense about the projection part. We look out as if through the many lenses inside of a long telescope. The object is seen by the lens called physical eyes; that by the lens of mental "eye"; that by the lens of mind; that by the lens of intelligence; that by the lens of individuation, and then, finally the Self. It's tough philosophy, yet elegantly simple.