Attaining Yoga or Union:

Attaining Yoga or Union:
Yoga or "Union" is attained by first training, balancing, and purifying each of the aspects of our being individually, and then systematically receding attention inward through those levels, expanding so as to experience the state of Union, Yoga, Samadhi, or Turiya.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kundalini Awakening in Yoga Meditation (46 second video)

(46 second video)
Swami Jnaneshvara

This 46 second video is simple animation of the process: "Prana flows
in Ida and Pingala, the left and right energies. Prana is trained to
flow in Sushumna, the central channel of subtle energy. Kundalini
awakens at the first chakra, and rises to Sahasrara, the crown. The
Self, the Atman or Brahman is realized; the union of Shiva and
Shakti, the Absolute, one without a second."

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